Thank you to the following supporters for their generous help in getting me to my Kickstarter target. They have been so giving of their time, energy and effort, and I wish to Thank them for all they have done. Please support these fantastic people and businesses.

Bubbaroo Helping Babies Sleep cropped

“Bubbaroo create premium baby swaddling, baby sleeping bags and nursery accessories, with research from health care professionals and Red Nose. An Australian-owned company with a heritage of quality, Bubbaroo is based in Perth and is in its 12th year of helping babies sleep soundly and safely. Founder Nicole Cassey is passionate about helping mums and babies get the sleep and care they need, in fact she created Bubbaroo because she went through her own journey as the mother of a very unsettled baby. Nicole understands the challenges and the stresses of being a mum and nurtures a supportive community for mums and families with unsettled babies. She was a wonderful supporter to my Kickstarter campaign and was tireless in helping me get the word out through her blog, website and social media. Nicole is one of those rare people – kind, honest and a ray of sunshine. Please support this generous Aussie business!”

Desire logo

“Desire Books are based in Manly and support local arts and artists in their projects. As well as selling carefully curated music and books, they also offer a performance space for poets, artists and musicians. They are a group of talented and kind individuals who freely provide a space for musicians like me practice, perform and connect with an audience. They gave me my first public gig in a safe and welcoming environment. I adore their ethos and their store! Desire Books also very generously donated their location for my Kickstarter launch event. There should be more places and people like Desire Books! Please support their store, they are awesome!”