I have had the good fortune to work with Dr Dotty (aka Jenny McGregor) at Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice where I am the resident Art therapist.

When working with children with life limiting illnesses as many creative avenues as possible are used to help the children express what has brought them to the Cottage, including art, music and play.

There is much anticipation and excitement around the Clown Doctors’ visits, particularly within the school holidays. Dr Dotty brings a lightness and warmth to her work with the children and their families. Her wistful use of music and humour to cheer and bond the children is a joy to witness and be a part of.”

Judy King, Art Therapist, Bear Cottage Children's Hospice

Your music is beautiful, and so obviously from the heart. I’m sure it will touch other people who have been through similar experiences to you, as well as the wider community.

Melinda Farrell, Chief Executive Officer, The Humour Foundation

Thank you Jen for playing at our recent VIP night at Maserati Artarmon! This evening was a great success and your music was excellent. Thank you so much for contributing to a fantastic event.

David Tickle, Mortgage Broker

I’m looking forward to recording this cd with Jenny McGregor, as I feel she has a special natural musical talent, and the ability to incorporate emotion into her song writing .
Coming myself from a family that experienced the loss of young children, I have an understanding of the long-term effects on the parents and siblings, and as a long-time professional musician/ producer I believe music can be used as a way to help deal with the trauma of loss.

Mike Caen, Producer

Jen McGregor’s music shoots straight from her heart into the heart of the listener. She manages to achieve what every singer/songwriter aims for: the transformative power of music.

Her songs tell her personal story of love and loss in a way that touches everyone. It’s not just her sheer bravery at sharing this story but her clear, honest lyrics and rich, passionate vocals.

I am delighted to know Jen through her outstanding work as a clown doctor, work which uses the transformative power of play with sick children in hospitals. Every time she meets a sick child, Jen makes their day a little brighter by playing with them – playing silly games, playing silly songs, just playing… now Jen has brought this transformative power into her music.

As an art worker, singer and a mother, I am truly moved and inspired by Jen’s music.

I hope many other people are moved and inspired by her music too.

Jo Cohen, Artistic Co-ordinator, The Humour Foundation

I think about my little angel every day and have done since the day he left my arms. My heart has ached and I have felt alone in my sorrow. Listening to your music gives me strength and hope. I hear my journey echoed in your words. I have cried with each song and found a place of hope and release in this seemingly never-ending process of grieving. Your beautiful voice calls out, acknowledging the heaviest time in my life and your soothing music offers peace. Your music has given me the release I have been searching for, a healing that has been difficult to find. Thank you.

Your music is easy to connect with as while it is deeply spiritual it is not religious and speaks so clearly of the powerful love a mother can have for their child.

Melissa Dunlop

When looking for songs for my son’s funeral, I wanted songs that were for a young child but was not religious based. I also wanted songs that would not upset my very religious family members or friends. There was nothing appropriate for me of my loss or of my son. The only songs were of god, heaven and praying. These were not suitable, but there were no other songs about a loss of a child without religion mentioned throughout. Jenny’s songs will cut out all biases from any religious or non-religious parent, family member or friend. Jenny’s songs could be played in any denominations church or chapel at any Childs funeral. This song will not alienate even the most devout religious person. The words are just gorgeous, no one could write or sing a song like she did if they hadn’t felt the sort of loss that we have.

Jo-ann Morris, Samuel Morris Foundation